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Calming Room


A virtual calming room is a digital space designed for relaxation, stress relief, and emotional well-being. It provides multimedia resources and interactive tools to help individuals find solace and composure. This accessible environment offers soothing music, meditations, and exercises to promote mindfulness and emotional grounding. It respects privacy, letting clients personalize their experience. By blending technology with therapy, it supports mental wellness, helping clients manage emotions, reduce anxiety, and build resilience

Relaxation/Mindfulness Techniques

Relaxation Sounds

Calming Visualizations

Exercise and Yoga

Puzzles and Games

Get Assistance

While therapy plays an essential role in promoting mental well-being, it is vital to recognize that there are situations where immediate action is required to ensure safety. If you or someone you know is in imminent danger to themselves or others call 911 immediately. Imminent danger is anything that poses a serious threat to someone’s physical or mental well-being. This includes using a weapon, taking pills, threatening behaviors, etc.


For non-life-threatening situations involving an urgent need for support due to suicidal thoughts, difficulty coping, or recent trauma, contacting the National Suicide Prevention Line at 988 is recommended.

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